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APSJ Half-Ice Playoff Rules


Boys' Half-Ice at River Heights

Boys' Half-Ice at Allard

F Novice A1

Girls' Half-Ice at Allard


The "Monitor"

  • AP Novice will have a "monitor" at each game to support the officials and the games' process/rules

  • There are rules about double shifting and how to create lines that the "monitor" will enforce.

Main Playoff Rules for Officials to Enforce

  • Must be 8 players for each team to start the game. If one team has less than 8 players then the game is cancelled.

  • A team may pull the goalie during the last shift of the game.

  • Overtime:

    • First Goal Wins

    • Any penalty is a penalty shot

    • 1 Minute 3-on-3, 1 minute 2-on-2, 1 minute 1-on-1, 1 minute 1-on1 without a goalie.

  • There are no timeouts in playoffs.


Rules Coaches are Responsible For

  • There are rules about "A" players playing with "C" players, but referees are not responsible for this..coaches are.

  • No double shifting allowed. Referees are not responsible for this rule...coaches are.

  • Boards placed on far blue line (2/3 ice).

Main Playoff Rules for Officials to Enforce

  • Overtime: If tied after regulation then play a sudden death 6-minute overtime. If still tied after 6 minutes then a 3 player shootout will take place with the home team shooting first. If still tied after the 3 player shootout then a sudden death (1 player per side) shootout will take place until one team scores and the other team does not.

  • Goalies start in opposite net to their bench so they finish the game on the same side as their bench.

  • You may only pull the goalie on the last shift of the game.

  • There are no timeouts in playoffs.

  • All other half-ice rules are in effect.


The Female Novice End-of-Season Event is a "Jamboree". There is no overtime, games can end in a tie, and there are no timeouts. Please see the regular season rules on the referee room wall at Allard for a refresher.

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