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Officials' Harassment Report for Officials or Concerned Fans

Fill out this survey as many times as it is necessary to report any type of harassment you experience during APSJ games including teams from any where. Examples of harassment are:

  1. The Referee/TimeKeeper is being yelled at

  2. The Referee/TimeKeeper is being sworn at

  3. The Referee/TimeKeeper is being physically abused or threatened

  4. The Referee/TimeKeeper is being intimidated

  5. The Referee/TimeKeeper is dealing with constant questions that are phrased in a way that focuses on telling you are wrong rather than having a conversation

  6. The Referee/TimeKeeper is dealing with constant comments coming from the bench

  7. Any situation where The Referee/TimeKeeper assesses a Bench Minor Penalty, Game Misconduct, or Gross for Harrassment of an Official

  8. Any other situation where you feel like "wow, this just is not right"

Officials, please note:

1) You can use this reporting tool whether a penalty was called or not.

2) This does not replace the HW Game Report (to be used if you ejected a coach or player) found here.

3) You are encouraged to wait 24 hours before completing this form, to let yourself cool down

4) The main purpose of this form is to help the APSJ executives communicate with parents and coaches about communication with officials. "Disciplinary Action" is a secondary consideration. Reports about teams from outside of APSJ will be sent to the appropriate area president.

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