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Half-Ice Mentorship or Effort Audit

Half-Ice Mentorship/Audit Information

  1. Assigned in Assignall & paid by AP-SJ on same schedule as all game fees.

  2. Pay:

    • $49 for being at the rink and mentoring

    • $7 per mentorship write-up submitted (i.e. 2 officials mentored = 2 write-ups = $14; expected to take 15 minutes per official)

  3. Other Notes:

    1. Audits will only occur later in the season (Christmas Tourney or Later) to determine the effect of our teaching on half-ice games.

    2. The Mentorships Coordinator will tell you if you are completing an Audit. If you are not told "you are doing an audit", then assume it is a mentorship.

    3. Half-Ice mentorships (which mostly happen in November/December) are usually on-ice.

    4. Half-Ice Mentorship Goal #1: Teach the skills found in the "How to Properly Ref H/I" in the top right corner of this white box.

    5. Half-Ice Mentorship Goal #2a: Coach the official to "just call the penalty if you see it."

    6. Half-Ice Mentorship Goal #2b: Review the regular penalty call procedure with the official.

    7. Half-Ice Mentorship Goal #2c: Explain that penalty procedure in Half-Ice is chaotic because the play does not stop. Coach the official to make the call, stop play. The official not making the call makes sure that play stays stopped until the player is in the box then allows play to resume once the ref making the call is in positioning.

    8. Half-Ice Mentorship Goal #2d: remove officials from game side to help them practice puck drop on the non-game side of the ice.

    9. Review the Half-Ice Rules in to the top left corner of this white box

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