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How to be a Mentor

Before you Start

If you have worked games in APSJ and been paid for those games then the direct deposit and steps to "how mentorships are assigned".


For those of you that have never worked games or been paid in APSJ then:

  1. Complete a direct deposit form.

  2. Register for an account.

Here how mentorship games are assigned:

  1. The Mentorship Coordinator will send out an email that a list of "Mentorship games Available".

  2. You tell the Mentorship Coordinator will tell you what games you can do.

  3. The Mentorship Coordinator will assign mentorship games using

Use the remainder of this page to understand your role as as a mentor.

Understanding Mentorships

Getting on the Ice

What Refs are Told about Half-Ice Hockey

Giving Feedback

For each game you mentor, you also have the opportunity to provide written feedback and you are paid a separate fee for completing a mentorship. You can provide written feedback by visiting the mentorship submission page.

If you have any further questions about mentorships then please contact

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