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Tips for Mentorships with First-Years

1) For first-time refs, Before the game discuss what you do before the game starts; hand shake with coaches, peg nets, get pucks.

1b) For first time refs, discuss the first faceoff-who does what and how does the ref in front of the box decide which way to go.

2) Encourage new or nervous refs to "just call a penalty if they see it." Don't hesitate...just do it. We can learn form bad calls.

3) How to manage the mentor's time on the ice (specific to on-ice mentorships): a) regularly switch between the refs rather than spending too long a time chunk with either one. B) after a while (maybe late in the second or the third...) back off and let them just do their thing then go back in and give feedback after 5 minutes.

4) after the game try to give the two officials 2 main points each to think about, ask if they have questions, and think about how to prepare them for their first game without a mentor. Also...remind them to review the half-ice rules for Novice.

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