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APSJ Playoff Information

Important Info About APSJ Playoffs
  1. APSJ is hosting the following playoff levels in 2020: Novice, F8A1, 9A3, F10A3, 10A3, F10A1, 14A2, 14A1, and U17AA
  2. It is very important to look up what levels you can do in playoffs, Playoff Rules, and do the Playoff Rule Quiz
  3. As of March 8th, the number of referees used will be decreased because the number of teams still in playoffs has been reduced. Until March 8th, everyone is still considered working playoffs.
  4. There are not formal mentorships in playoffs...but you never who may be watching and considering you for later playoff games. The only thing you can control is your effort so leave it all on the ice.
  5. This is a very intense, very exciting time of year. Soak it in. Enjoy the experience. Embrace it!
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