AP-SJ Official Mentorship & Development

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Websites Important to Officials

  • www.assignall.com

    • where you request games

  • www.wpgrefs.com

    • resources galore shared with the whole city (including resources about referee harassment, positioning, and procedures

  • www.apsjmentorships.com

    • specific info about refereeing in APSJ (including referee harassment report and direct deposit)

  • thehockeyrefbook.com

    • This book, written by Mitchell Jeffrey and Published by Tellwell Publishers, gives you everything you need to know about refereeing, lining and officiating.

Mike Fedak

  • Referee-in-Chief,

  • apsj.ric@gmail.com

  • 204-227-5894

  • Contact About: Learning to be a referee questions, support.

Who to Contact

Bryce Dodd and Lou Mulvenna

  • Assignors

  • doddb884@gmail.com

    • 204-918-0960

  • lou_mulvenna@hotmail.com

    • 204-803-8004

  • Contact About: Getting games, cancelling games, getting more games.

    • Bryce: 3-Official, 11-12 y.o. + outdoor tournaments

    • Lou: 8, 9, 10 year old, Timekeepers (Lou is the Time-Keeper-In-Chief)

Mitchell Jeffrey

  • Vice President of Officials,

  • apsj.vpo@gmail.com

  • Contact About the program in general or questions about anything officiating.

Ted Sypowski

  • Payroll AP & SJ, Treasurer APHA

  • tsypowski@tnse.com

  • Contact About: Paychecks, Direct Deposits, tournaments held at Bell-MTS-IP.

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Nicholas Noonan-Robinson

Payroll Schedule

  • October to November 21, 2021: Pay Completed by Christmas.

  • November 21 to December 31, 2021: Pay  completed by mid-January.

  • January 1-31, 2022: Pay completed by Mid-February.

  • February 1 to End of Regular Season: Pay completed by Mid-March.

  • Playoffs: Pay completed by End of April/Mid-May depending on when playoffs end and when Hockey Winnipeg provides APSJ with game fees.